Home State bank recognizes your need for security and privacy as you visit our website. Below we will describe our policies and procedures in order to protect you and your online privacy.


Our Secured Online Mortgage Site uses Cookies

Please be advised that our Home State Bank mortgage website uses cookies. The general purpose for the use of cookies is to tell our system that you have logged in as a valid user. Without this, you would have to sign in to every page you visit. In basic terms, a cookie is a piece of data that is distributed to your web browser. Our mortgage website uses these cookies to keep track of your session within our site. The use of cookies is an industry standard.

Cookies cannot:

- retrieve any other data from your hard drive
- spread computer viruses
- collect personal information to determine who you are
- gain access to your email address

Any data collected from us is solely for the purpose of processing your loans and not used or disbursed for marketing purposes. We do not use these cookies to present you with information specific to your geographic area or to measure the effectiveness of our advertising.

Secure transfer of data

The following process stated below describes how your application data is transported to our Home State Bank team from our Web hosting provider.

Your loan application information is transmitted from your browser to our (website hosting) provider's servers via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). A SSL is a commonly-used vehicle for managing the security of a message transmitted on the Internet. Your data is encrypted (via SSL) before being sent.

Your application data will be stored within a database that is on a secured server. These servers are kept in a physically secure, off-site hosting environment (location). All servers are located in a separate environment location to ensure limited access to the data.

Our web hosting provider does not make use of borrower information, other than to transmit to back and forth between you and our Home State Bank team. All applications are sent to us via encrypted email attachments for security purposes .


If you have any questions or concerns after reading our SECURITY PROCESS, please .

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